10 Best Beach Camping Spots in NSW

Camping by the Waves: Explore NSW’s Top Beachfront Campgrounds

Camping on the beach is a beloved Australian pastime, and New South Wales boasts some of the most stunning beachfront camping spots in the country. Picture waking up to the soothing melody of waves crashing onto the shore, with the chance of friendly dolphins paying you a visit. The beauty of it all is that you don’t need to venture far from the city to enjoy these coastal gems. New South Wales offers a plethora of beach camping experiences. Discover the best beachfront camping spots along the New South Wales coastline.

Explore the 10 Best Beach Camping Spots in NSW, and turn your beachside dreams into reality.

1. Putty Beach, Bouddi National Park – Experience Coastal Paradise

Address: Maitland Bay Track, Bouddi NSW 2251
Phone: 1300 072 757
Distance from Sydney: 100km (1 hr 30 mins)

Putty Beach, located in the heart of Bouddi National Park, stands as one of the premier beachside campgrounds in New South Wales. Offering a wide array of facilities and activities, this coastal paradise invites you to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Explore scenic bushwalking trails, try your hand at fishing, or take a refreshing swim in the pristine waters.

With all the necessary amenities at your fingertips, Putty Beach ensures your camping experience is comfortable and convenient. For an unforgettable coastal getaway, visit Putty Beach in Bouddi National Park.

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2. The Farm, Killalea – Surfer’s Paradise

Address: Killalea Drive, Shell Cove, NSW, 2529
Phone: 02 4237 8589
Distance from Sydney: 123km (1 hr 45 mins)

The Farm, affectionately known by locals, is a true surfer’s paradise and an idyllic beach camping destination for those who seek the perfect wave. Nestled in Shell Cove, just 123 kilometers from Sydney (approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes’ drive), this coastal gem has become one of New South Wales’ most sought-after beach camping spots.

With its lush, green camping area and a prime location for catching great waves, it’s no wonder that The Farm has earned a reputation as a must-visit destination. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a beach lover, this spot offers an unforgettable beach camping experience that’s sure to delight all who visit.

Discover why The Farm at Killalea is one of the most beloved beach camping locations New South Wales has to offer.

3. Durras Beach, Murramarang National Park – Nature Lover’s Paradise

Address: 57 Durras Rd, Durras North NSW 2536
Phone: 02 4478 6072
Distance from Sydney: 285km (3hrs 45 mins)

Durras Beach, situated within the breathtaking Murramarang National Park, offers a camping experience in harmony with nature. Here, you’ll find yourself in the company of a diverse range of wildlife, including kangaroos, possums, and various bird species. With a plethora of outdoor activities to choose from, such as surfing, canoeing, hiking, and swimming, you’ll never have a dull moment.

This pristine beachside location has an added perk – hot showers to wash off the salt and sand. It provides all the essential facilities for an unforgettable beach camping adventure. At Durras Beach, you’ll immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world and create lasting memories of your coastal escape.

4. Woody Head, Bundjalung National Park – Coastal Getaway

Address: Woody Head Road, Woody Head NSW 2466
Phone: 1300 072 757
Distance from Sydney: 675km (7hrs)

Woody Head, located within the picturesque Bundjalung National Park, is a highly sought-after beach camping destination, ideal for an adventurous weekend escape (though it does require a lengthy drive from Sydney). Pitch your tent amid the natural beauty and unwind on the sandy shores, where you can take refreshing dips in the ocean or try your hand at fishing.

The appeal of Woody Head extends beyond the beach, offering opportunities to explore the nearby rainforests and reefs. Embark on a scenic walk to the rocky platform, which offers captivating vistas of the coastline. For those fortunate enough to own a boat, there’s a convenient boat ramp, making it a versatile spot for various water activities. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beach or exciting adventures, Woody Head provides the perfect coastal getaway within Bundjalung National Park.

5. Diamond Head, Crowdy Bay National Park – Oceanfront Paradise

Address: Crowdy Bay National Park, Diamond Head Rd, Laurieton NSW 2443
Phone: 1300 072 757
Distance from Sydney: 356km (4 hrs)

Nestled within the breathtaking Crowdy Bay National Park, Diamond Head campgrounds offer a coastal haven that sits right on the oceanfront, granting you access to the most enticing views of lush greenery and the vast ocean. This is as close to the beach as you can get without actually being in it.

At Diamond Head, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of natural beauty and aquatic delights. Take a refreshing swim in the ocean’s embrace, try your luck at fishing in the crystal-clear waters, or embark on one of the many hiking tracks that wind through the surrounding landscapes. Don’t miss the famous loop walk, which promises panoramic vistas of the stunning coastline, making Diamond Head an oceanfront paradise for beach camping enthusiasts.

6. North Coast Holiday Park, Corindi Beach – Coastal Paradise

Address: 93 Pacific St, Corindi Beach NSW 2456
Phone: 02 6649 2803
Distance from Sydney: 569km (5 hrs 45 mins)

A mere 30-minute drive from the vibrant city of Coffs Harbour, you’ll find the North Coast Holiday Park, a part of the Reflections Holiday Parks family, offering a beach camping experience that’s nothing short of perfection.

Step onto the glistening sands of Corindi Beach, where the crystal-blue waters beckon you for a refreshing splash. While the waves kiss the shore, take in the mesmerizing natural beauty that surrounds you. This coastal paradise boasts spacious and easily accessible camping sites that come with breathtaking ocean views.

Not only does North Coast Holiday Park provide an idyllic retreat for you, but it’s also a pet-friendly haven. So, don’t hesitate to bring along your furry travel companions and create memories together in this coastal wonderland.

7. Mystery Bay Camping Area, Tilba – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Address: 190 Mystery Bay Rd, Mystery Bay NSW 2546
Phone: 0428 622 357
Distance from Sydney: 370km (4hrs 45 mins)

Tucked away in the pristine wilderness, the Mystery Bay Camping Area is a natural haven and one of the last of its kind. Here, you have the extraordinary opportunity to slumber beneath the tranquil canopy of spotted gums and acacias right alongside the picturesque beach.

For the intrepid souls, the beach and the nearby Eurobodalla National Park offer endless adventures. You can explore the shores, dip your toes in the gentle waves, or traverse the walking tracks that lead to stunning lookouts and panoramic vistas.

And for all the pet lovers out there, here’s some good news – Mystery Bay Camping Area is pet-friendly, ensuring that man’s best friend can share in the joys of this untouched paradise.

8. Beachcomber Holiday Park, Eurobodalla – Where the Beach is Your Backyard

Address: Blackfellows Point Rd, Potato Point NSW 2545
Phone: 02 4473 5312
Distance from Sydney: 350km (4 hrs 30 mins)

At Beachcomber Holiday Park, the beach is not just a view; it’s practically your backyard. You have the choice of staying in one of the delightful beachfront cabins or setting up your tent right on the golden sands.

This coastal paradise offers a plethora of activities to keep you entertained. From fishing and surfing to mountain biking and more, adventure abounds. While you can book powered sites for your convenience, it’s worth noting that this campsite primarily relies on solar power, so you’ll truly feel connected with nature during your stay.

9. Glenworth Valley, Central Coast – Adventure Awaits in Nature’s Lap

Address: 69 Cooks Road, Peats Ridge NSW 2250
Phone: 02 4375 1222
Distance from Sydney: 75km (1 hr)

Nestled within 200 sprawling acres, Glenworth Valley provides a pristine escape into the heart of nature. It’s where you can unwind by the riverfront, craft a cozy campfire, and be mesmerized by the starry night sky.

This beach camping spot caters to adventurers at heart. The range of activities available is as vast as the landscape itself. Whether it’s horseback riding, quad biking, abseiling, kayaking, or countless other options, Glenworth Valley ensures you’ll find the adventure you seek amid this untouched paradise.

10. The Basin, Ku-Ring-Gai – A City Escape by the Water

Address: Basin Trail, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase NSW 2084
Phone: 1300 072 757
Distance from Sydney: 40km (1 hr)

Nestled on the western shores of Pittwater within the scenic Ku-ring-gai National Park, The Basin is a convenient coastal escape just a stone’s throw from Sydney. The best way to reach this beachside camping haven is by ferry, departing from Palm Beach.

Here, you’ll find all the necessary amenities for a comfortable camping experience. The site offers showers, toilets, barbeques, drinking water, and more. While fees do apply, you can secure your spot by booking online, ensuring you have a tranquil spot to relax and rejuvenate.

More Beach Campgrounds to Explore in NSW

While we’ve highlighted some fantastic beach campgrounds in NSW above, there are plenty more waiting to be discovered. Here are a few honorable mentions and spots that are well worth exploring:

– Pebbly Beach Campground: Nestled in a picturesque location, Pebbly Beach Campground is known for its resident kangaroos and breathtaking views.

– Trial Bay Gaol Campground: Immerse yourself in history at Trial Bay Gaol Campground, where you can explore the ruins of a 19th-century prison.

– Pretty Beach Campground: True to its name, Pretty Beach Campground offers a serene and beautiful setting for camping in NSW.

– Myall Lakes National Park: With a network of stunning lakes and waterways, Myall Lakes National Park is a water lover’s paradise and offers various camping options.

– Beowa National Park (formerly known as Ben Boyd National Park): Rebranded as Beowa National Park, this area boasts a rich cultural and natural heritage, making it a compelling camping destination.

These additional beach campgrounds provide diverse experiences and natural beauty, ensuring there’s something for every type of camper in New South Wales.

How We Curated This List of Beachside Campgrounds

The selection of these top NSW beachside campgrounds is the result of a careful curation process. To bring you the best beach camping experiences that New South Wales has to offer, we used a multi-faceted approach:

– Personal Adventures: Our own firsthand experiences exploring these beachside campgrounds in NSW allowed us to assess their unique attributes and appeal.

– Community Insights: We gathered valuable insights and recommendations from NSW camping enthusiast communities on platforms like Facebook, enriching our understanding of the campgrounds.

– Comprehensive Online Research: Extensive online research was conducted to verify campground details, accessibility, amenities, and camper feedback, ensuring we provide accurate and up-to-date information.

The combination of these approaches has led to the creation of a list that showcases some of the finest beachside camping destinations in New South Wales. We hope this guide inspires memorable beachfront camping experiences for all.

Frequently Asked Questions about NSW Beach Campsites

Dreaming of beach camping in New South Wales? Here are some answers to common questions to help you plan your coastal adventure:

1. Can you camp on the beach in NSW?
– While the idea of beachfront camping may be alluring, you can’t simply pitch a tent anywhere on the beach in New South Wales. Camping directly on the beach is typically prohibited due to environmental conservation and safety reasons. However, there are designated campgrounds near the beach where you can enjoy a similar experience. Always consult local council regulations or National Park guidelines to determine specific camping zones.

2. Which NSW beach campgrounds are dog-friendly?
– If you’re eager to bring your furry companion along, you’ll find that most beachside campgrounds in NSW have restrictions on dogs. However, Mystery Bay and North Coast Holiday Park are exceptions, allowing pets. It’s advisable to contact these campgrounds in advance to confirm their pet policies. Additionally, if leash requirements are in place, please follow them to protect wildlife and ensure harmony with fellow campers.

3. Where’s the best beach camping on the far south coast of NSW?
– When it comes to beach camping on the far south coast of NSW, Depot Beach, Pretty Beach, and Pebbly Beach are all excellent options. Each of these locations offers unique features and natural beauty that make them worthy additions to your must-visit list.

These frequently asked questions aim to provide clarity and guidance for an enjoyable beach camping experience along the stunning coast of New South Wales.



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