Blink Cameras Review: Indoor, Outdoor and Mini

Blink’s little (and we mean little) home security cameras offer straightforward video surveillance at a price nearly anyone can afford.

We weren’t particularly blown away by these home security cameras, but we don’t have any major complaints about them either. They offer industry-standard features such as 1080p video quality, two-way talk, and night vision. Plus, the app is very user-friendly.

Best of all, these tiny Blink cameras can be placed just about anywhere. If you’re looking for less obvious home security, the Outdoor, Indoor, and Mini cameras are a good choice.

1 Blink Outdoor Camera: Most versatile

Blink Outdoor Camera: Most versatile

  • 1080p image resolution: We found the video footage clear and colorful.
  • 110° field of view: The view is narrow but good enough for small yards or the porch.
  • Battery powered: We love the portability.
  • Two-way audio: Sounded great, but does pick up background noises like crickets or cars passing by.
  • Operating temperatures: It works in areas that get between -4 to 113° F.
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2 Blink Indoor Camera: Best for inside

Blink Indoor Camera: Best for inside

  • 1080p image resolution: The video was clear in a variety of lighting situations.
  • 110° field of view: The view is narrow but perfect for small rooms.
  • Battery powered: Move it from the bookshelf to the counter without needing an outlet.
  • Two-way audio: Nice and clear. It definitely gets the cat’s attention.
  • Night vision: The contrast is great, even in a very dark room.
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3 Blink Indoor Mini: Best for hiding

Blink Indoor Mini: Best for hiding

  • Two-way audio: Almost as good as hearing someone in person.
  • Adjustable stand: You can point the security camera just about anywhere without moving it.
  • Night vision: Clear, but the video is a little washed out when the room isn’t completely dark.
  • Corded: We love that you don’t need to change the batteries.
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How we reviewed Blink Cameras

We had multiple testers give the Blink cameras a try to help us identify what we like and where they fall short. Here’s a peek at how we put Blink through its paces:

  • We tested in various light conditions—natural, artificial, and under cover of darkness. We also used the cameras indoors and outside.
  • We enlisted a 13-pound cat named Leary and her cohorts to see how sensitive the motion sensors are.
  • We used the cameras’ IFTTT features to see how easy it was to set up routines and put the motion sensors on alert when we left the house.
  • We added voice control with an Amazon Echo.

In addition to our in-home tests, we also conducted research and compared Blink to other wireless security cameras. Factors we considered include price, overall value, customer experience, smart home compatibility, features, and ease of setup and cameras use.

Blink cameras FAQ

What batteries do I need for the Outdoor and Indoor cameras?

Both Blink cameras use standard AA 1.5V lithium batteries. Two AA batteries come with each camera, and you can use any brand of non-rechargeable lithium batteries when it’s time to replace them

What is the range of a Blink camera?

Blink cameras work within 100 feet of the Blink Sync Module 2, which bridges the cameras to the mobile app and your home Wi-Fi network. The cameras can detect motion up to 20 feet from the camera.

What happened to the Blink XT and Blink XT2 cameras?

These two cameras have been discontinued. 

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