BREEZESMOKE is a leading manufacturer of disposable vape devices. Their most popular product is the BREEZE, a dependable and convenient disposable vape sold at convenience stores, gas stations, and vape shops.

The BREEZE comes in two models – the original BREEZE Pro, known for its excellent airflow and flavor, and the new BREEZE Prime. BREEZESMOKE also offers the BREEZE Pro in a zero nicotine version. Aside from the zero nicotine option, all BREEZE disposables contain 5% nicotine salt and use advanced mesh coils for optimal vapor production.

With its reputation for reliability and choice of nicotine levels, the BREEZE disposable vape line has earned BREEZESMOKE a loyal customer base. Vapers trust this established brand to deliver a satisfying vaping experience in a compact, portable format.

How Long Do BREEZE Vapes Last?

BREEZESMOKE’s BREEZE Pro and BREEZE Prime disposable vapes come pre-filled and ready to use right out of the package. They are not rechargeable, so once the light starts blinking, it’s time to dispose of the device.

How many puffs you get out of a BREEZE depends on your personal vaping habits. Here are some general guidelines on lifespan based on average daily puffs:

– BREEZE Pro: 2000 puffs total
– At 50 puffs/day – lasts around 40 days
– At 100 puffs/day – lasts around 20 days
– At 200 puffs/day – lasts around 10 days

– BREEZE Prime: 6000 puffs total
– At 50 puffs/day – lasts around 120 days
– At 100 puffs/day – lasts around 60 days
– At 200 puffs/day – lasts around 30 days

Of course, your actual usage may vary. The above numbers give a rough estimate on how long your BREEZE vape will last based on puff count. Heavier vapers will go through it faster while lighter users may make a device last longer.

BREEZESMOKE’s Most Popular Disposable Vape

The BREEZE Pro is BREEZESMOKE’s best-selling disposable vape. This popular model features a compact, lightweight design and comes in over a dozen different flavor options.

The newer BREEZE Prime has a larger battery capacity and e-liquid supply than the BREEZE Pro. However, with only three flavor choices, the options are more limited. The BREEZE Prime also carries a slightly higher price tag.

While the BREEZE Prime offers some upgrades, the BREEZE Pro remains the most popular pick among vapers. Its balance of affordability, versatile flavor selection, and easy portability has made it BREEZESMOKE’s top-selling disposable vape. For an affordable, quality vaping experience from an established brand, the BREEZE Pro is a tried and true choice.

Top 5 BREEZE Flavor Picks

With its wide variety of flavor options, BREEZESMOKE caters to diverse vaping tastes. According to vape shops, these 5 flavors rank among the most popular and best-selling BREEZE flavors:

1. Banana Coconut – A creamy, tropical flavor blending ripe banana with coconut.

2. Cherry Lemon – A sweet and sour blend of tart cherry and lemon.

3. Watermelon Mint – Cool mint perfectly complements sweet watermelon.

4. Orange Mango Watermelon – A refreshing medley of citrus and juicy melons.

5. Strawberry Cream – A classic creamy strawberry vape.

BREEZE’s broad flavor selection allows vapers to choose from fruits, desserts, menthols, and other options. But these 5 flavors are consistently top-sellers and standouts. Their popularity reflects why BREEZESMOKE is known for delicious, satisfying flavor profiles in its disposable vape lines.

BREEZE Vape Pricing

BREEZESMOKE’s disposable BREEZE vapes retail for $11-$20 per device. Pricing can vary depending on the specific retailer and any promotional offers available.

On average, pricing is:

– BREEZE Pro: $14-$17
The standard BREEZE Pro sells for around $15 at most outlets.

– BREEZE Prime: $16-$20
The upgraded BREEZE Prime sells for $16-$20 per unit.

BREEZE vapes offer an affordable way to try BREEZESMOKE’s popular flavors and portable vaping experience. With different deals across retailers, it’s possible to find pricing on the lower end of the range. Overall, vapers can expect to pay $11-$20 for the convenience and quality of a BREEZE disposable.

Recharging BREEZE Disposables

BREEZESMOKE’s BREEZE disposable vape pens cannot be recharged. The devices come pre-charged and filled with e-liquid out of the package. Vapers simply remove and start using the BREEZE right away, with no charging needed.

Once the battery indicator light starts flashing, it signals the BREEZE is nearing the end of its life. The battery and e-liquid are integrated and cannot be refilled or recharged. At this point, the BREEZE is ready to be properly disposed of.

The convenience of BREEZE disposables is their ready-to-vape portability and lack of maintenance. The tradeoff is that these are single-use vapes without recharge or refill capabilities. When the battery runs out, the only option is to dispose of the device and replace it with a fresh one.

Identifying Authentic BREEZE Vapes

With BREEZESMOKE’s popularity, counterfeit BREEZE products unfortunately exist. However, there are ways to discern an authentic BREEZE from a fake.

The easiest indicator is the packaging. Genuine BREEZE vapes come wrapped in cellophane with folded triangles on the top and bottom. Fakes will use regular shrink wrapping without the triangular folds.

Inspecting other aspects like the device quality, branding, and flavor accuracy can also help identify if a BREEZE is the real deal. Scanning QR codes and authentication labels is another verification method.

For more tips on spotting authentic BREEZESMOKE products, vapers can visit the company’s official website at Staying informed is key to avoiding counterfeit vape products and ensuring you get the genuine BREEZE experience.

Where to Buy BREEZE Vapes

BREEZESMOKE’s popular BREEZE disposable vape pens are widely available at various retailers.

The BREEZE Pro can be found at gas stations, convenience stores, and vape shops. This original model is BREEZESMOKE’s most ubiquitous vape device.

The newer BREEZE Prime has more limited availability currently. As demand for the BREEZE Prime increases, it may become more common alongside the Pro version at local stores.

Vapers can check BREEZESMOKE’s website to find authorized sellers near them carrying the full range of BREEZE disposables. Online vape shops are another option for purchasing authentic BREEZE vapes and having them shipped directly. With its retail presence and online accessibility, BREEZESMOKE ensures vapers can readily obtain their quality disposable vapes.


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