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Product intro and specs

Ooze has made a name for itself in cannabis vaping with a wide range of quality products. One that caught my attention is the Ooze Beacon dab pen.

The slim Beacon features three temperature modes and Ooze’s C-Core technology like the Ooze Booster. It has a built-in dab tool and an 800mAh battery with USB-C charging and passthrough capability.

I received the Beacon from Ooze to test out and provide my honest review.

With an MSRP of $30, the Ooze Beacon brings portable convenience and customizable heating to dabbing, all in a compact pen-style form factor. The colors available are Blue, Black, Red/Black, and Rainbow.

This innovative device aims to deliver satisfying hits paired with thoughtful design. Let’s take a closer look at how it performs.


– Battery: 800mAh
– Weight: 42.1g
– Diameter: 18mm
– Length: 124mm
– Built-in dab tool
– Sub-ohm vaporizer
– 100% heavy metal free
– Voltage range: 2.7-3.7V
– Manual mode or 15sec sesh mode
– Built-in safe sesh protections

Kit Contents:

– 1 x Ooze Beacon device
– 1 x USB-C charging cable

Ooze Beacon features

The Ooze Beacon has an ultra slim design at just 18mm diameter, slightly thicker than Ooze’s popular Twist vape pen. It stands approximately 124mm tall, just a bit shorter than the Booster model. Weighing only 42.1g, the Beacon is lightweight and pocket-friendly.

The mouthpiece twists off with a half clockwise turn for easy access, and it conveniently houses a built-in mini dab tool for loading material.

Like the Booster, the Beacon utilizes Ooze’s C-Core technology for pure, flavorful vapor and rapid heating. Other features include a 15-second sesh mode, safe session protections, and three voltage settings (2.7, 3.0, 3.7V) for customizable heating.

With its ultra-slim form factor, thoughtful design features, and advanced heating technology, the Ooze Beacon provides an optimal portable dabbing experience.

How to use the Ooze Beacon

Using the Ooze Beacon is simple:

– Twist off the mouthpiece halfway to access the chamber

– Use the built-in dab tool to take your desired dab

– Load the dab in the center of the atomizer

– Twist the mouthpiece back on

– Click the button 5 times to turn on

– Click 3 times to cycle voltage: Green (2.7V), Blue (3.2V), Red (3.7V)

– Double click to enter 15sec session mode

– Single click to exit session mode early

– Hold button for manual draw activation

With easy loading, voltage customization, and straightforward controls, the Beacon provides hassle-free on-the-go dabbing.

How does it perform?

I recently had the chance to test out the new Ooze Beacon concentrate vaporizer from ejuiceconnect.store. This sleek little device features Ooze’s new C-Core technology, which aims to provide smooth and flavorful hits.

After loading up some tasty live resin concentrates into the Beacon’s ceramic coil chamber, I was very impressed with the performance. The vapor production starts up quickly, within just a few seconds of pressing the button. The hits are incredibly smooth, and the flavor really shines through thanks to the C-Core tech.

While the Beacon may not produce the biggest rips compared to higher voltage pens, I found that a couple simple tricks like covering the airflow holes allowed me to get reasonably sized hits when I wanted them. But in general this feels like a great entry-level concentrate pen for those looking for flavor over big clouds.

Overall, the Ooze Beacon from ejuiceconnect.store has proven itself as an excellent portable dab pen. The easy loading, even heating, and pure tasty vapor have made this a go-to in my rotation. Ooze’s new C-Core technology seems like a winner!

How to clean the Ooze Beacon

Maintaining your Ooze Beacon is straightforward with just a few easy cleaning steps. By giving it regular upkeep, you can keep your Beacon hitting smoothly.

To clean the Beacon, first remove the mouthpiece by twisting it off. Next, unscrew the atomizer portion from the battery.

Use an alcohol swab to wipe out the chamber, removing any residue buildup. Also gently clean the contacts on the atomizer and battery to ensure a proper connection.

Finally, take an alcohol wipe and clean the exterior surfaces of the battery and mouthpiece.

Following this quick cleaning routine helps the Ooze Beacon continue performing at its best. A clean vape means great flavor and smooth hits every time. Just a little regular maintenance keeps your Beacon in top shape.

Battery life and charging

The Ooze Beacon is powered by an 800 mAh battery, which provides respectable battery life for a compact concentrate vape. During my testing, I was able to get multiple sessions daily for days before needing to recharge. This is impressive given I tend to use the highest heat setting most of the time.

One downside is the lack of a battery level indicator, so you may end up plugging it in proactively to avoid it dying mid-session. Using the included USB cable and wall adapter, I was able to fully recharge the battery in around an hour. The Beacon does support pass-through charging, allowing you to vape while it’s plugged in and charging up.

Overall, the battery life is quite solid for a petite vaporizer like this. The fast USB charging makes it easy to quickly top it back up as needed. Just be aware you’ll need to keep an eye on the charge level manually since there’s no indicator.

Pros / Cons

– Provides crisp, pure flavor
– Hits are incredibly smooth
– Heats and vaporizes concentrates evenly
– Ready to vape in just seconds
– Slim and portable design
– Good battery life for a compact vape
– Supports pass-through charging while in use
– Very affordable price point
– Simple to clean and maintain

– Mouthpiece is plastic (glass would be better)
– No battery level indicator
– Doesn’t produce the biggest rips
– Draw is a bit airy for my preference

Overall, the Beacon delivers excellent flavor and smooth hits in a tiny and convenient package, making it a great affordable option. A couple minor downsides like the plastic mouthpiece and open draw hold it back slightly. But for the price, it’s a very solid portable concentrate vaporizer.


After testing the Ooze Beacon from ejuice connect, I’ve concluded it’s best for new vapers and flavor chasers who value smoothness. The wide open airflow produces extremely smooth, flavorful hits, though it prevents big clouds. I’d prefer less airflow for thicker vapor, but that would reduce the smoothness.

A few downsides are the plastic mouthpiece and lack of battery indicator. But overall, this slim pen delivers simplified, tasty concentrate vaping.

While it can’t match a real dabbing rig, the Beacon succeeds as a dependable pen for clean flavor on-the-go. If you want more of a rig experience, the Ooze Booster may be better.

Overall, the Ooze Beacon from ejuiceconnect.com makes dabbing easy and enjoyable. Let me know what you thought of the Beacon in the comments!

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