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VAPORESSO recently launched their newest all-in-one pod system – the LUXE XR MAX. As a leader in vape tech, VAPORESSO’s devices consistently impress, so vapers should take note of this upgraded model.

The LUXE XR MAX improves upon their previous LUXE XR with a massive 2800 mAh battery, 80W max output, and pods that hold a huge 5 mL of eliquid. It uses the GTX coils powered by VAPORESSO’s COREX technology for excellent flavor and vapor production.

Key Specs:

– Dimensions: 106.5 x 32.1 x 26 mm
– 5 mL pod capacity
– 2800 mAh battery
– 80W max power
– 0.54″ OLED screen
– 2A quick charging

Included in the kit:

– 1 x LUXE XR MAX battery
– 1 x 5mL DTL pod
– 1 x 5mL MTL pod
– 1 x 0.2 ohm GTX coil
– 1 x 0.4 ohm GTX coil
– USB-C charging cable
– Manuals and warranty card

With massive battery capacity, high power output, and huge ejuice pods, the new LUXE XR MAX aims to be the ultimate AIO vape. Stay tuned for the full hands-on review!

Build quality and design

The LUXE XR MAX has a medium-sized rectangular pod mod design that’s larger than a typical pod system but smaller than a full mod. The expanded size accommodates the high 2800mAh battery capacity and 80W output power. Despite the size, it still feels sturdy and durable in hand.

A transparent panel on the front shows off the internal chipset and LED lights, which I love as a tech geek. The rest of the body uses colorful full-body resin panels in 7 different options – I chose the slick gray version. The combo of transparent tech and resin gives both a classic and modern vibe.

It has three buttons – a main fire/power button up top, plus two touch buttons used for adjustment below the screen. No auto-draw system here. The screen is basic but provides key info like wattage, puff count, and a battery meter.

Overall, VAPORESSO did a great job on the build and design. It feels solid and has some nice aesthetic touches like the see-through panel. The larger size is a necessity for the big battery and high power output. So far, the LUXE XR MAX makes a great first impression.

Getting started

The LUXE XR MAX is designed primarily for direct lung vaping, but it can do mouth-to-lung with the MTL coils too.

Usage is straightforward – 5 clicks to turn on/off, 4 clicks to access the menu, and 3 clicks to change the wattage. It has a smart mode that restricts wattage adjustment to each coil’s recommended range.

An airflow slider lets you adjust from a tight MTL draw up to an airy DL hit. My kit only included the DL pod, though VAPORESSO lists an MTL pod as well which hopefully retail kits will have.

Filling is easy – the pod pops in and out thanks to strong magnets. Remove the rubber plug on the bottom to access the fill port.

The main downside is the dark tint on the pods makes it very hard to see the juice level. I wish they used clear pods for better visibility. Still, overall the LUXE XR MAX is simple to use and fills/swaps pods with no fuss. Aside from the dark pods, the experience is great so far.


The two DL coils included with the LUXE XR MAX offer decent performance, but I’ve found the MTL coils really shine in this system.

It comes with a 0.4ohm mesh coil (26-32W) and a 0.2ohm mesh coil (45-60W). In my experience, that 30W range for a restricted DL vape feels like no man’s land. The 0.4ohm produces an okay vape here, but it’s not very satisfying.

The 0.2ohm coil performs best around 55W, providing solid flavor and coil life expected from a sub-ohm DL coil. However, after trying many coils across the GTX line, I’ve found the 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm MTL coils for the MTL pod deliver the most satisfying vape despite not being included.

So while the two DL coils are decent, I think the LUXE XR MAX really excels when using the lower power MTL coils. The DL performance is alright, but the flavor and draw with the MTL coils is excellent in my opinion.

Battery life and charging

The LUXE XR MAX has a much larger 2800mAh battery than the original, providing all day life in MTL mode but requiring mid-day charges when vaping DL.

It uses USB-C charging with a max rated current of 2A. However, my testing showed the actual max charge rate is 1.47A, so closer to 1.5A would be more accurate. I got a full charge in around 90 minutes, which is decent for the capacity.

The usable capacity is lower than listed, around 2100mAh – so a 2500mAh rating would be more realistic. The battery percentage screen is handy, and it shows charge time remaining when plugged in.

Overall battery life is solid, though high power DL vaping will still require an occasional top up. Charging isn’t super fast but acceptable given the large capacity. The main drawback is no standing charge support, since the USB port is on the bottom.

Pros / Cons


– Sturdy, lightweight build
– Compact enough for pockets
– Refillable 5mL pods
– Great flavor from 0.2ohm coil
– Massive ejuice capacity
– Transparent panel looks cool
– Simple to use and fill
– Passthrough vaping supported
– 7 colors available
– Adjustable airflow
– Cross-compatible pods and coils


– Pod tinting is too dark
– 2800mAh battery capacity overrated
– Max charge rate lower than listed (1.47A)
– Can’t stand up while charging

Overall, the LUXE XR MAX performs well with a quality build, huge ejuice pods, and good flavor when using the 0.2ohm coil. But the dark pods, battery exaggeration, and lack of stand-up charging hold it back a bit. Still an excellent mid-wattage AIO pod mod.


In summary, VAPORESSO’s LUXE XR MAX is a great upgrade to the LUXE XR pod system. The much larger battery and 80W max power deliver satisfying DL vaping on-the-go without being too bulky. With the MTL pod and coils, it can also provide a great MTL vape.

While the battery and charging could improve, VAPORESSO overall created another impressive pod mod with meaningful upgrades over the original. I got mine from and have been really enjoying the performance.

Have you had a chance to try out the LUXE XR MAX yet? Let me know what your experience with this pod mod was like in the comments below! VAPORESSO keeps churning out winners.

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